Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Happy New Year!  My word for this year is Explore!!  New ways to make art, new destinations, new ideas and ways of thinking about life in general.  Some of the ways to accomplish this is with new art classes.  I am participating in a couple of new online classes that started the beginning of this month.  One deals with creating new art each week to create a series.  I don't normally work in series mode so this should be interesting.  Everyone participating seems to have a different idea of what a series could or should be.  Looking forward to seeing how everyone approaches this.  The second online class is called the ART Studio with Kelly Hoernig.  I have taken many classes from Kelly and she is very adept at challenging everyone to reach deep into the well.  One of the first assignments was to gathering together a group of objects that describes YOU.  Here is my collection and I am quite pleased with how it came together.  What would your collection say about you?