Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hydrangea Harmony

Have you ever struggled with a design that just wouldn't cooperate?  I wanted to design something springlike to teach at my local painting chapter for a March workshop.  Hydrangeas are very bright happy colors and I took some photos a couple of years ago when I was gifted a lovely plant for either Easter or Mother's day.  Good Grief!  It took several attempts before I had a design that didn't look like a hot mess and could actually be taught.  Needless to say, this final design looks NOTHING like what I started with and managed to kill.  This particular design should be a lot of fun!  It's hard to tell, but there are several clusters that have been fussy cut and layered with spacers so the flowers have a bit of dimension to them.  There are also some leaves that are fussy cut and can be positioned however each artist wishes.  And the vase is scrapbook paper and can be embellished however they want.  Should be fun!

Monday, January 2, 2017


Day #2 of my daily art practice.  I wanted to do something creative with my stack of Gelli prints.  If you haven't played with Gelli printing before, making the papers can be an addictive process and you end up with a stack of prints in a hurry.  My goal today was to use some of this paper stash for a piece of art.  I started by cutting out shapes from a Gelli print then glueing them onto a pieces of black construction paper with glue stick. These pieces were then cut out again leaving a thin edge of black showing. I like the slightly wonky line work as the cut edge wasn't precisely the same distance but a bit thick and thin in places. The background is a piece of heavily textured watercolor paper that I used to roll off excess paint from the brayer.  I decided to use this as my background because of the "stem" created from the brayer not overlapping but leaving a narrow channel.  A little bit of line work with a marker to highlight some of the edges and it was good to go!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

SOAR into 2017

2016 is a done deal and we can now focus on a brand new year!  As great as the holidays can be, this is the time I look forward to most. There is something fresh and energizing about the thought of a new year - new beginnings, new adventures, new ART!  Rather than resolutions, I pick a word each year to help guide me along the new year's path.  This year I picked the word SOAR. I want my art and creative life to take wing and lead me to new growth.  I want my art to fly high and far, embracing new destinations.  And that is just for start of the new year! I plan to revisit what this word means to me in the next few weeks.  Where is this new year taking you???

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Two Days and Counting

I know it looks like I skipped a day but I think my count was off by a day.  All the painting is done. Here is one last pendant created from my artwork. This was from a watercolor batik painting I did a few years ago, photographed and printed out very small, then mounted in the bezel and finished with a layer of Ice Resin.  The original painting is quite large - 12" x 36" or thereabouts.

I am finishing up the tagging and otherwise prepping merchandise, getting my inventory list updated and in order, and gathering all the "stuff" required to make a craft show booth. See you on the other side!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day Four and Counting

This is a bit more contemporary in design. The blues and greens are definitely watery Florida colors!  The base started with a layered Gelli print with very subtle patterning.  If you are in the Central Florida area this Saturday, Great Day in Oviedo is a great one day art/craft show!  I will be in Booth #53. Stop by and say Hi!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day Five and Counting

After a busy weekend I am back to finishing up some more items for sale this coming Saturday.  These necklaces start with the same snippets of art papers as the cards do.  Love the organic feel of them!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Day Eight and Counting

Next up is another Gelli print. This  one has an allover script stamp for the background and one of my hand cut stamps and the focal design. Don't look now but the script stamp is upside down.  I wasn't looking for something legible as a stamp, just used it as background texture.  Shhhh..... Let's see if anyone notices.  Simplicity today.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nine Days and Counting

Continuing on with new artwork for the upcoming show.  This started out looking totally different.  I began with a Gelli print with a stamped image on top.  I didn't like the upper right corner of the page so I cut part of it away then tore off the rest.  When I found the dictionary page referencing "brain" stuff it seemed suited to the head context.  I wanted more of the wording to show so I trimmed off a bit on the left side to expose more of the text.  The embossed bee got cut off a bit but the wing was still there. Played off the wing idea by using some wash tape with wings and a butterfly embellishment I had laying around from another project.  This was definitely a bit of trial and error playing around with whatever was laying about on the workbench.  And the reason why mixed media artists have so much stuff collected for art fodder.  Never know what might come in handy!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ten Days and Counting

Been getting ready for an upcoming art/craft show that is next Saturday, Nov. 12. These are some art cards that I have been preparing for sale.  Each one starts with altered CitraSolv papers. Stencils, stamping and embossing then all the layers glued onto the card body.  Each one is its own work of art as no two are alike!  Next up, Gelli printing with stamping and other elements. Stay tuned.....

Saturday, September 17, 2016


My friend, Kelly Hoernig, stopped by for a few days between her teaching engagements here in Florida.  Kelly is a wonderfully creative driving force with so many ideas in play that you can't help but be inspired and motivated!  She was just what I needed in my studio at this time.  I've been dragging a bit creatively and spending time with her was like being hooked up to a super charged battery.  We talked nonstop for 4 straight days, often into the wee hours of the night!!! Even before she left, new ideas were popping into my head in my dreams and I was rushing into the studio to get started earlier and earlier.  Thanks, Kelly, for a wonderful kick in the pants!!!

  This is the beginning of a new design for my current new series.  It's kind of fitting that she was here for the birth of this new piece.  The  "canvas" for the first piece of the new series was  inspired from an online class I took from her.  She cut a niche out of a book for her design surface.  I didn't complete that piece but the way she created the niche caught my attention and I wanted to try creating my own niche without the work of cutting through a book.  My niche creation was supposed to be used in her class but it wasn't going to happen.  Even though the first surface is still a work in progress, it is coming along and I can see the end in sight!  For this second piece, the design is from a reworked watercolor batik design.  Don't look now but those wings are made up of Gelli prints! These butterfly bodies will be freeform elements that will fly into the new work shortly!