Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New Art Challenge- 70 Days for Vincent

My friend, Kelly Hoernig, had the opportunity of a lifetime and made an incredible journey to Europe  with a group of artists. Kelly is normally an amazingly prolific artist on a regular day and for her to come back so awestruck and inspired it must have been one incredible trip!  She decided to put forth a challenge based on Vincent Van Gogh's life and work by starting the 70 Days for Vincent art challenge. This is 70 pieces of art in 70 days!!!  So we have started this challenge.  The pieces are small and Kelly has a list of art prompts - one for each day of the challenge.  Even though I do think about art and creating every single day there are days that putting pen, pencil, paint, etc. to a surface just doesn't happen.  This is putting that daily practice into play!

Here are the first two days:  Circle 1/70 and Brush 2/70

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