Saturday, August 18, 2007

Travel Home

Traveling to far flung destinations is always enjoyable, but it is always good to return home. We have been away for a few days... the piles of laundry have been seen to and it's back to the daily routine. The big difference is bringing a fresher perspective to the creative process after a few days away. New vistas and experiences can't help but influence how we see the world and that is oftentimes reflected in what we choose to create. These experiences are added to our daily lives... sometimes in subtle ways... or not...

To me, one constant as a reminder of home has always been a magnolia. Being Southern born, the majesty of an old magnolia tree speaks to the heart. I created this design a number of years ago for a small trunk (the full design wraps all four sides as well as the top) but had the opportunity recently to rework the design a bit to fit a canvas for a private class I taught.

How does travel affect your creative process?

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