Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Tulips

The warm sunshine has been a tonic this week - lots to do and much accomplished! I decided to make a jacket that I have had planned out in my head for several months. It uses several fabrics from my stash - most notably some of the wonderful batik cottons brought back from the last trip to Hawaii. There was an amazing quilt store (looked like an old barn it was so big) on Kauai that I only had a few minutes to shop in. I could have spent a LOT of money in there as it was stocked full of batiks & Asian fabric. What I did bring home I have hoarded until now & some of this is worked into the jacket - photo coming but it is not ready yet.

Here I am talking about a jacket & Hawaii - so what is the relevance with the photo above? Not much I guess. However, I am planning my flower purchases for my pots on the front porch & back patio. These pink tulips were painted from a lovely large pot of flowers I put on the back patio several years ago & couldn't help taking photos of them. They were lovely, reminded me of spring growing up in Tennessee, but sadly are only found here in Florida in captivity! It just doesn't get cold enough (except for this winter maybe!) to grow them in the ground here.

But they are Spring Tulips! What says Spring to you?

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