Saturday, June 13, 2009

Off to Peoria!

The bee was quite fitting to represent what is soon to happen - members of our local painting chapter will be winging our way to Peoria for a very busy week.

Next week is my annual conference with the Society of Decorative Painters, so I will be blogging on the road. I'm rooming with a couple of friends, so it tends to be a fun "girl's getaway" with a lot of hard work involved! There are lots of classes to take, other artist friends to make or catch up with old friends. There are several of us waiting to see if we passed a certification board - we find out Wednesday morning! And, of course, shopping!!! Can't miss that trade floor. There are also lots of different parties and the banquet on Friday night.

Come along and get a taste of what convention is like. My plan is to take lots of photos & post every day, so let's hope the laptop cooperates and the camera holds out!

See you in Peoria...

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