Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Masquerade Rose Part I

During our trip to Italy last year, we carefully selected souvenirs that would remind us of those faraway places. Some souvenirs were of the edible kind such as olive oil from Croatia - which was a pleasant & lovely surprise. Rome was more about shopping for our Catholic friends at the Vatican, but my hubby did find a nice piece of leather for himself. There was lace from Burano, glass from Murano, and Venetian handmade paper and masks.

Venice was by far my most favorite city. The romance of the gondolas, the mystery of the masks, all the bridges, palaces and secluded courtyards were magical. Extra thought was used in selecting those special souvenirs from Venice because I knew they were coming home to be part of some future artwork. This photo is a small portion of my first painting of my memories of Venice. The rest will be posted as though a mask were being slowly removed... to reveal the Masquerade Rose.

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