Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

To say it is cold here in Florida is truly an understatement. We have had 11 straight days of below freezing temperatures and still have at least one more to deal with before there is a promise of warmer weather. To show how cold it is - the photos aren't of snow - this is a very heavy frost on a neighbor's roof! About 15 minutes before the whole roof was covered. With just a little sunshine, the frost will be gone but it is still cold! The other photo is my very frozen birdbath. When it warms up more this afternoon I will refill it for the birds.

Yes, my northern friends, I am a wuss!! The weather is what makes Florida a lovely place to live in the winter. We truly aren't equipped for cold like this.

I choose to look at it as one of life's little lessons... if you can survive it you will be stronger. But I am so looking forward to weather just a bit warmer and it is around the corner...

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Dawn said...

I never imagine Florida as being cold... global warming I suppose ;-)