Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Betty Ann's Flow Blue

Betty Ann (BA for short) inherited a very extensive set of flow blue china from her father. The china was given to him as a gift from his cousin. There was a time when his cousin couldn't pay the taxes on the homestead and BA's father paid them for the family. In return, the china was passed on to him as repayment of the taxes.

BA and I have always shared a love of antiques and I knew she had some really wonderful pieces, so I asked her if I could take a few photos. We spent a lovely afternoon just after Christmas creating all sorts of still life set-ups using her china. I brought along several bunches of flowers & a number of doilies & lace pieces to incorporate into the set-ups. From this afternoon, I have enough inspiration to last me quite some time.
And BA's birthday was just a few days following our afternoon of fun. I surprised her with this painting for a birthday present. Thanks for sharing, BA!!

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Dawn said...

I thought this was a photo, it is fabulous x