Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MOO has landed!

Last month, Jenny Doh put forth a call for MOO cards (moo.com). These little cards are like baby business cards - barely 1" x 2-3/4". I've toyed with the idea of making MOO cards from time to time but just never got to it. When Jenny's call came I decided the time was NOW! It was really easy to upload some photos of my recent artwork & enter the necessary info for the backs. Here are cards from my first batch of MOOs.

And I just discovered one of my cards on Jenny Doh's blog at http://jennydoh.typepad.com. See if you can find it - the photo above gives you a hint of what to look for - it will be found in her posts last week.

Have you MOOed yet?


Kerri said...

no, i haven't yet mooed, but i may have to. keep hearing about them and they look so cute!

Nicole Austin said...

i love your moo cards! i saw yours on jenny's blog. congrats! :)