Monday, July 20, 2015

The Hot Mess

Traveling to a convention didn't seem to be in the cards this year so I am taking some online classes. Stretching into new ideas about art was top of the list when it came time to choose classes. This is scary territory - it is soooo much easier to do safe & happy! But stepping outside that safe & happy space can lead to some real art growth sometimes. And I have really stepped off into the unknown!! One of my classes is called Small Worlds and consists of creating very small landscapes with torn and altered papers. These photos are what I have so far and were created with old National Geographic magazines and CitraSolv. I have seen this technique used by numerous artists but was never brave enough to give it a try. Not anymore! I think I over saturated this batch a bit. They are drying now and some have some lovely passages of color but I need just a bit more movement. Stay tuned to see what comes next! If you are interested in checking out the class go to I am taking Small Worlds by Lyn Belisle. Session two has just started and there is still time to sign up!

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