Monday, February 15, 2016

New Version of Sandy Coming Along

Creating new art is a process. Sometimes the process is easy and fluid. Sometimes it has to be attacked head-on. However it is started I find that creating the actual line drawing of the design to be the most labor intensive portion of this process. Since working as a technical illustrator years ago, I like to design in strong graphic designs and images. These designs take up a great deal of time and energy to create and tend to find their way into multiple formats. Sandy the Seahorse was originally created as a watercolor batik painting. She has also been turned into a screen print and the framework for Zentangle patterns up the leg of a pair of pants. She is now being painted on canvas and embellished with mixed media. And she has a future date with a fired glass piece. Here is the painted portion of the upcoming mixed media painting. Sweet & simple with the sassy to come!

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