Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nine Days and Counting

Continuing on with new artwork for the upcoming show.  This started out looking totally different.  I began with a Gelli print with a stamped image on top.  I didn't like the upper right corner of the page so I cut part of it away then tore off the rest.  When I found the dictionary page referencing "brain" stuff it seemed suited to the head context.  I wanted more of the wording to show so I trimmed off a bit on the left side to expose more of the text.  The embossed bee got cut off a bit but the wing was still there. Played off the wing idea by using some wash tape with wings and a butterfly embellishment I had laying around from another project.  This was definitely a bit of trial and error playing around with whatever was laying about on the workbench.  And the reason why mixed media artists have so much stuff collected for art fodder.  Never know what might come in handy!!

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