Monday, January 2, 2017


Day #2 of my daily art practice.  I wanted to do something creative with my stack of Gelli prints.  If you haven't played with Gelli printing before, making the papers can be an addictive process and you end up with a stack of prints in a hurry.  My goal today was to use some of this paper stash for a piece of art.  I started by cutting out shapes from a Gelli print then glueing them onto a pieces of black construction paper with glue stick. These pieces were then cut out again leaving a thin edge of black showing. I like the slightly wonky line work as the cut edge wasn't precisely the same distance but a bit thick and thin in places. The background is a piece of heavily textured watercolor paper that I used to roll off excess paint from the brayer.  I decided to use this as my background because of the "stem" created from the brayer not overlapping but leaving a narrow channel.  A little bit of line work with a marker to highlight some of the edges and it was good to go!

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