Sunday, September 23, 2007

regifting with a twist

Today is a special birthday for my friend, Penny. She is a very creative and special "sister of the art" and her generosity knows no bounds. Penny's talents extend into fine dressmaker quality sewing and her love and appreciation of vintage sewing & lace, which we have both incorporated into our work at times. Over the years, she has shared many of her creative treasures with me and is always on the lookout for new junque that I can use in my artistic creations. Last year she gave me two wonderful teak trays. They were a bit worn and scratched in places but were very well made, and I knew they would be transformed and repurposed at some point in time. I brought them home and found a place to store them which was not an easy thing to do at all - my storage ability reached critical mass some time ago - but that is a post for another day.

While searching around the studio for a gift, I came across one of those trays and realized it would be perfect for my needs. What made it even better was I had already started the painting process. I used a lace pattern from one of Arlene Linton's wonderful books and painted the lace runner on a dark green background. The rose came from my garden and creates a bit of a trompe l'oeil effect.

The finished tray turned out great! Penny is sure to love it. And the best part for me? It is one more piece out of my studio!!

Happy Birthday Penny!!!

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