Friday, June 14, 2013

Journey in a New Direction

Finishing the last jacket left me a pile of really skinny scraps of silk - almost like silk spaghetti. They were too beautiful to throw away but what do you do with strips so small? They are too narrow to leave any kind of seam allowance so how to use them? I set them aside in a pile knowing they would either be in the way and I would eventually toss them or inspiration would strike quickly. Fortunately I have a studio cluttered well stocked with all kinds of in-process artwork. There was a gallery wrapped canvas laying on my cutting table that I started about a month ago. Since I normally paint more floral/still life subject matter, I wanted to shake things up a bit. Originally, I thought a fat squatty rooster or some really large fruit would look good on it but couldn't make up my mind. Hmmm, the colors are just about right. I also found another piece of silk that was an experiment that went nowhere. OK - the colors in this might work as well. Where do I go next? Since my word for this year is "Journey" I thought it might be time to put this into a new piece of art. But how to express this? Through various blog posts and Pinterest pics from different artists I noticed that the cruciform shape kept popping up over the last couple of days. But how does that relate to a journey? And my thought process didn't exactly follow this line of reasoning. It was more like "here are some puzzle pieces - do they fit?" Next up - some stitching!

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