Sunday, June 16, 2013

Silk Spaghetti

Now it's time to play with the silk spaghetti! All of these tiny little strings were from the trimmings left over from making the second jacket. I used a lovely varigated thread in my machine on the jacket and decided that would work perfectly for what I had in mind. Keeping that idea of a cruciform shape in the back of my mind, I started placing silk spaghetti on the background one strip at a time and stitching down the middle of the string. Some of the strings were so thin that was sometimes difficult to do. If the stitching fell off to one side a bit, oh well! I alternated the strings - first a vertical one then a horizontal one, then back to vertical until I had a pleasing arrangement. I love how sometimes there is a lot of contrast in color in some places and not so much in others. I even let one of the spaghetti strands cross over another. My goal wasn't for nice straight rows but for more of a wonky path to be created.

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