Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are We There Yet? 21/30

Anyone who has ever traveled a long distance with a child can relate to "are we there yet?" And I frequently ask myself that question when creating art. When are you "there" or finished with this creation of work? This question is especially relevant for this painting since there was no specific plan going in - so how can I tell if I am "there" yet? Right now, I am happy with its current state. But I will live with it a day or two and then see what I think. Also, I need to find a frame. Just placing a frame around artwork makes all the difference in the world! While I am waiting, this is what I did that may not be obvious in the photos. The previous progress photo showed the beginnings of the mud lines for the fan. Thought I had enough and brought in my resident expert for his opinion. He was not impressed and said my lines were way too skimpy. We consulted his digital photos until I found one I liked and went back to the canvas. After adding lots & lots of lines it looked more like a sea fan. After this mud layer dried, a layer of thinned Ultra Blue was washed over the entire fan area. As this was drying I took a damp paper towel and began to wipe back the fan. The little knobby bits were wiped back to nearly white creating a sparkly effect that was great! OK - stop NOW!! What isn't really visible in a photograph are some random areas across the canvas that I spritzed on Perfect Pearls Mist in Kiwi. This iridescent mist creates a wonderful shimmer in all the nooks & crannies on the rough surface. Yay! So, am I there yet? Ask me tomorrow!

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