Sunday, August 4, 2013

I get by with the help of my friends... 4/30

Before the fire, I had a formal living room (now my studio). This secretary sat just inside the doorway and acted as an end table as well as housing a good portion of my teapot collection. At that time it wasn't in really good shape and I always had plans to sand it down & paint it. After the fire and the decision to turn this space into an art studio, I was in need of extra furniture for the space. Since I would also have my very own computer -yay- the refinished secretary moved to the other side of the room. My laptop is happy and I have wonderful display space for my art treasures behind glass doors. I am very fortunate to have originals by Ginger Edwards, Trudy Beard, Sherry Nelson, Bob Pennycook and Jean Zawicki, along with some other pieces painted by my friends. This is the inspiration that greets me each day when I sit down to reach into the internet world and beyond. What inspires your vision?


Karen Stewart Elliott said...

Love looking at your treasures. Like how you changed your living room into a studio. Maybe I should do that. I create in our sunroom which serves so many purposes it can't really be called a studio--maybe more like a rodeo of sorts. The thing that inspires me is looking at everyone's art on these blogs. They are amazing. What a great thing to wake up to, blog and then read blogs. Life can't get any better than that for sure! Thank you for your post.

Sweet Red Clover said...

I love how the dark wood contrasts with your beautiful pieces!

I'm inspired by all the beautiful things I see on blogs like yours and in various places around the internet. There's nothing better than seeing someone's post and having the wheels in my brain start turning and ending up creating something of my own because of it! <3

Debbie said...

The piece is beautiful as are all of the lovelies you have tucked inside! :)