Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tools of the Trade 10/30

It is time to get back to the Gelli plate! Now that my tables have been unearthed there is room to spread out and make a lovely Gelli mess with paint and textures! It is fun and very freeing to slap on some color, play in it a bit and repeately pull layers of artwork. Paper isn't my only surface either - I love those cradled artist panels. They are rigid enough to press down into the Gelli plate and pull really wonderful images. Even boxes make a great surface for Gelli printing. Here are some of my print makers - a variety of commercial stencils, needlepoint canvas circle, plastic lace placemat, shelf liner, bubble wrap, paper scrapbook cutouts. The "low tech" tools such as bubble wrap and other found materials sometimes make the best textures. And searching for new textures to use is an ongoing adventure. You never know what you will find wherever you go! What unusual tool do you use in making art?


Karen Stewart Elliott said...

I don't have a Gelli plate yet--but I sure do want to get one. I do have some deli paper. Now all I need is the plate. Love seeing what you use for texture!

Dawn H said...

Here is a post for Karen Stewart, I made my own Gelli Plate and its pretty cheap, and this one lasts forever! here is the tutorial!