Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Heat 3/30

The photo I was planning to use today didn't turn out... so on to Plan B! The mixed media group I participate in has the challenge this week of "summer heat" but the studio is still in flux. What to do?!? Noticed the small clock in my cabinet of painting treasures (will share that one day soon) and decided it met the criteria for the challenge and would give me a blog post as well - twofer! This is a little piece I designed several years ago. I remember growing masses of roses when I lived in Southern California. We had old vines that grew along the garage wall and up onto the roof. That first bloom of summer was nothing short of amazing - a solid wall of color. Alas, my roses struggle here in Florida. The cooler weather of late winter & spring (cooler being not as hot as July, mind you) is wonderful but by August the heat and heavy rainfall begin to take its toll on the hardiest specimens. That doesn't stop me from trying though. I just enjoy what I can get and paint the rest!

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