Monday, August 19, 2013

Playing in the Mud Today 19/30

Since this canvas is a mixed media piece, I decided that another "media" needed to be introduced and that is the reason for the mud run over the weekend. I put the mud in a pastry bag with a really tiny tip* and am "drawing" with it directly onto the canvas. When this is dry, washes of color will be applied to cover the white. Mud is a wonderful product my great friend, Margot Clark, manufactures & sells. It looks and works like texture paste but is not stiff like most acrylic texture pastes. You can do all sorts of things with it that you would regular texture paste but it has an added bonus - it can be kiln fired!! Yep, there are microscopic glass particles suspended in the paste that makes this possible. Margot's company also manufactures glass color for kiln firing and black mud as well. Both will air dry and are compatible with acrylics. Margot is also a very accomplished artist in her own right. She travel teaches all across the globe and has many books & packets on her own website as well as a brush line. You can find Margot at or *The tip is a special tip - regular tips used for cake decorating contain nickel and oxidize with this mud, possibly turning your mud an interesting shade of aqua. Trust me, get the good tip!

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Karen Stewart Elliott said...

Oh, I love to see what is happening here! Such depth, such color!!