Monday, August 5, 2013

My Little Slavedriver 5/30

Alas, I am not neat and tidy when I am creating! My sewing tends to be a bit neater and I tend to clean up after each project. The mixed media supplies seem to take over every available surface and stay out for some reason. Add to that packing up & traveling to Texas to teach has turned the studio into one giant pile of hot mess!! Cleaning out the studio requires pulling stuff totally out of the room to reorganize. Right now I am using my dining room as a staging area for all this stuff. One big deterrent to all this moving about is it has interrupted the dog's schedule. Yes, you read this correctly - I am imposing upon the dog! His bed lies under the dining room window. It is sunny in the afternoon and he can lie there and look out on the world passing by. Even though he could pass by on the other side of the dining room table, he refuses to enter the room because there are boxes sitting in the doorway nearest the front door. So he pouts and sleeps on my bed (where he usually sleeps in the morning anyway) or will go lay down on the couch (where he sleeps in the evenings). The fact that two of his usual sleeping spots are available is beside the point. He is an old man set in his ways so I get long-suffering looks as he stands there waiting for his beloved window space to be clear of my clutter! He doesn't understand why I am doing this or even care. But this must be done. When it is over, I will be happier and can spend more time with him. Until then, I am working hard to get this job done and then it is back to making art!


Karen Stewart Elliott said...

Patte, I understand how WE can upset the dog's routine. Our dog is the Queen. When we upset her living situations, we know about it. Glad you are headed to a teaching venue. So exciting. Good luck with it all!

Karen Stewart Elliott said...

Patte, I understand how dogs want it their way. Our dog has the run of the household. We can't upset her living situation. So good you are preparing for a teaching venue. I wish you all the luck in TX.