Friday, August 23, 2013

Going Around in Circles 23/30

Lots of stuff going on over here! Preparing for the next few months of events for my local chapter. Preparing for an upcoming local craft show - haven't had a booth there in years! Picked up my new kiln today along with some color & other supplies I needed. Cleaning off the work table to make room for new projects. Lots to do!! The photo is work in progress - I am making some mixed media mirrors for my craft booth. Right now the first couple of layers of Gelli printing are drying. There will be more layers of Gelli printing then some form of stamping or other embellishing before completing the mirror portion. The hot tip of the day - I have the frames stuck to double sided tape to keep all the little parts together and easier to handle. A scrap piece of mat board and double sided carpet tape is the only supplies needed for this little holder. Works like a charm! What kind of stuff is happening in your work space?

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rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

I hope you return to show us the finished mirrors! As for me, my gardens are the root of most of my creativity these days, though I get the brushes and pens and other implements of creativity out most every day too. And, clearly, by the looks of my studio, they rarely find their way back to "their place!"