Friday, August 2, 2013

Storage Idea for Hanging Stencils 2/30

The blog challenge group that I mentioned yesterday is thru - still trying to figure out how to post up her button but I will persevere!! Now back to today's post... While I am in the process of cleaning out the studio, thought I would share an idea from someone else's studio - just wish I remembered where so I could give them credit! This is a short over the door towel bar I found at a discount store. I used a package of those cafe curtain rings with the dangling clips and threaded them all on the towel bar. This get-up is hooked to the front panel of my cutting table. The panel doesn't go all the way to the top of the table but stops about 10" from the top so I have access to the top cubbies without having to rotate the whole table. Paper rolls and small storage boxes/bags are accessible through these openings. Okay - I am off topic a bit - back to the hooks! I have collected quite a few long stencils that don't fit nice & neat in the filing cabinet. These are hung 2-3 together on the hooks. I can easily flip through & find what I am looking for, they aren't getting bunched up and/or wrinkled and bent up, and I can store quite a few in a very small space! Since I stand at this table when I use my Gelli plate they are getting much more use. Win/win!


Effy said...

Awesome storage idea!

Rosemari Roast said...

This is a very cool idea ~ and not just for stencils. Thanks for sharing!